FAQ for all your questions. Loubelini is a Street Wear clothing company handmade with love in Tilburg, the Netherlands. We hand mix each colour for each item to ensure each piece is unique and one of a kind! Contact us for more information and make sure to follow us on Instagram @loubelini

When will my order arrive?

Our products are unique, so each one is made when ordered. So we do not keep stock. We send orders within seven days

Will I receive the same product as in the photo?

Each Loubelini is unique and painted by hand! The photos on the website are just an example of what you will get. FAQ not enough? You can contact us directly.

How should I wash my Loubelini?

Wash your Loubelini products the same way you would wash your other new clothes! The colour will fade in the same way as any other product of the same fabric and colour. 

What payment methods can I use when shopping?

You can use the following payment methods: iDeal, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bancontact and Apple Pay.

How do I use a gift card?

Enter your unique coupon code during checkout. The whole process is too big to write in this FAQ. 

If you have problems or need help, please contact us.

Where and how are Loubelini products produced?

Loubelini products are made in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The process of making the Loubelini products is 100% handmade. It starts with soaking the garments in a solution to raise the pH of the fabric so that it is well prepared for dyeing. Then the garments are tied in the desired pattern, dyed and left to soak overnight. The next day, the garments are rinsed and hung up to dry.

How can I return products?

If your purchase does not meet your expectations, you have the right to return items up to 14 days after receipt. You can report this by email: info@loubelini.com

FAQ is not enough, how can I contact you directly?

FAQ Not eough? 

Contact us now trough our contact page, Instagram or Facebook